About Us

Mr. Premal Shah

The Site has been started with the intention to facilitate Students for their project works. There are about 300 to 500,000 student only in Mumbai and if we average it (dividing by 2 considering Siblings), still the figure comes to 150- 250,000.

Amount of Printers required for Parents to purchase for at-least entire projects for 3-5 years of span, taking into consideration, amount for Printer at average cost of 2000 (May be more or less depending on printer) and also for print cartridges which are very expensive comes to minimum of 1000 per project or per year. Here, still we have not added the cost of paper, electricity and other such expenditure.

Are we really speaking about Green IT here? Looking at the number of printer and cartridges purchased by parents due to need of projects and other such printing requirements, answer is NO!  Sorry, Manufacturer if you are reading this page, but real picture is in front of you now.

Mr. Viren Shah

When I spoke to him about this, he was very much interested as usual with his ready to go attitude.

How it will Work!

To reach out so many students is impossible. Students will have to properly aligned and upload their project(s) work on the site. The same will be printed and delivered to their Schools/locations. 8-10 pages will be free of charge, after that they will have to only pay Rs 3 per page. I know you agree, this is not very simple to keep it free or same cost all time or bear minimum. Those who are ready to share this responsibility in what ever terms papers cartridges (CSR) etc, are welcomed. Kindly send the details on contact@abbrv.in

The Basic things like printer /computer procurement is under process and will be available very soon.

Apart from this another vision is to act as knowledge sharing center for students. Those who are interested to share their knowledge to Young generation are requested to send their details on contact@abbrv.in