How To Save On Photon Adapter

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Most of us have come across a situation where we asked by Photon guys that we have to purchase separate adapter for Photon Wifi Max (5 users). We are totally lost and have no idea what kind of charger shop keeper will give, Will it be standard or non-standard, will it be covered under warranty?

Here we can save on adapter cost and also ensure adapter quality is at par.  Every body have mobile phones at home either Samsung, MicroMax or Standard Brands. The Charger will be lying idle many times or we can adjust our charging of phone accordingly and use it for Photon Wifi Max.


Even though many of you might be using Wifi or Direct internet, this is helpful for those who are using above product (may be on the go).

Microsoft Office Picture Manager – Batch Process

Many of us might be searching for tools to resize images to Standard sizes. If that’s your requirement look no further, here is a tool you already have in your comp.

You can go to the folder where your images are store. Right Click >> Select Open With >> Select Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Note: – If you are using Office higher than 2007, you can independently run the application from Office 2007 CD and install it on your system.


Once the image is open in application there will be single image displayed with right left arrow at the bottom strip.

You can select view and then Filmstrip. This will allow you to select all the files in that particular folder. You can scroll further if all the files are not visible. You can also do it by Thumbnail.


Now After you have selected all the files you want to convert, Go To File >> Export, which will open up Side bar with several option. Here you can select which format you want to export and its Standard file Size


For easy identification, you can provide different name altogether or series with prefix & suffix to your original file name. I preferred to rename file with incremental number series as suffix.


Hope you enjoyed the little Tweak!!!


Bridging the Gap between you and your Child

Is the Situation above same in your life?

Do you or your child fight over small things?

Does your child feel burdened by you for his/her daily activities or studies?

The answer you got is YES!

According to research 90% child relationship is facing
these problems everyday..!!


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Bridging The Gap Between You And Your Child

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